West coast focused. Regionally located.

With over 300 employees strategically spread across our regional offices, Schnitzer Properties' experienced regional executive team averages over 20 years of experience in their respective markets. Schnitzer Properties' corporate office in Portland centralizes staff members in corporate accounting, tax management, human resources management, legal, information technology, and finance, while the regional offices are staffed with experienced leasing managers, property managers, accounting managers, and maintenance staff to provide immediate and best-in-market response to the needs of their tenants. Schnitzer Properties' believes this decentralized strategy is essential in sourcing, acquiring, adding value, and successfully managing our real estate assets. This hands-on accessibility means tenants and multi-family residents enjoy prompt, industry-leading service.

Executive Team

Jordan D. Schnitzer Jordan D. Schnitzer President
Ryan Irwin Ryan Irwin SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Rojita Raghubansh Rojita Raghubansh SVP, HR & Risk Management
Steve Roselli Steve Roselli SVP, Portland, San Francisco & Seattle Regional Manager
Reed Gottesman Reed Gottesman SVP, Las Vegas, San Diego & Utah Regional Manager
John Shorey John Shorey SVP, Sacramento & East Bay Regional Manager
Jay Fetherston Jay Fetherston SVP, Retail
Tim Sather Jim Sather SVP, Development
Erica Hetfeld-Schpak Erica Hetfeld-Schpak Chief of Staff
Jake Roselli Jake Roselli VP, Seattle Leasing & Operations
Steve Barragar Steve Barragar VP, Portland Regional Leasing
Tandilyn Cain Tandilyn Cain VP of Tax and Estate Planning
Monica Graham Monica Graham VP, East Bay Operations
Sandy Brownstone Sandy Brownstone VP, San Francisco Leasing & Operations
Diana Hodge Diana Hodge VP Senior Counsel, Retail
Ed Kanter Ed Kanter VP, Property Controller
Kyriacos Kitsis Kyriacos Kitsis VP, Chief Information Officer
Amanda McCauley Amanda McCauley VP, Las Vegas Operations
Jeffrey Nudelman Jeffrey Nudelman VP, Senior Counsel
Wes Raborn Wes Raborn VP, Senior Counsel
Delilah Richman Delilah Richman VP, Seattle Leasing & Operations
Keith Rozgo Keith Rozgo VP, Corporate Controller
Cooper Sutherland Cooper Sutherland VP, Arizona Regional Manager
Angela Williams Angela Williams VP, Finance
Rob Mecklenborg Rob Mecklenborg Senior Counsel
Brittany Falkers Brittany Falkers Director of Communications